Samstag, 3. Dezember 2016

Einfacher Schweinebraten / Simple roasted pork

 Ingredients for 4 People

1 kg of roast pork (best neck)
3 Onion (s), cut into rings
3/4 tbsp of mustard
   salt and pepper
250 ml of water
   olive oil

If you like
Corn starch
Tomato paste - puree


1. Sauté the roast pork in the roasting pan in olive oil from all sides. 
2.Then remove the meat and the onions in the oil. 
3.Meanwhile coat pork roast with mustard, salt and pepper.
4.  When the onions are golden yellow, put the meat back into the roasting pan and put the onions on top. 
     (If desired, halve the garlic cloves and add. )
5. Pour the water into the pan, 
6. Cover the roasting pan and put it into the oven for 60-75 minutes at 170 degrees celsius.
7. When the meat is soft, remove it from the pan and slice it.  
8. Put the sauce in a pot.  Remove garlic and bring to the boil,the sauce. Bind as desired with Ccorn stach.

 I do not take garlic, but put some tomato puree in the sauce

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